Keynotes and invited industry talks

LADIS 2014 will feature keynote addresses and invited industry talks by the following speakers:

Keynote I
Spanner: Google's Globally-Distributed Database
Brian Cooper (Google)

Keynote II
Deferring the Effect of Transactions
Johannes Gehrke (Microsoft / Cornell University)

Invited Industry Talk I
Big Data, Big Mistakes, Big Learnings
Lars Albertsson (Spotify)

Invited Industry Talk II
Using Automated Load Testing to Diagnose Performance Bottlenecks at Scale
Dmitri Perelman (Facebook)

Invited Industry Talk III
From Paper to Product: Putting CRDTs into Riak 2.0
Russel Brown (Basho)

Invited Industry Talk IV
Supporting Large Scale Systems with the Multi Tenant Platform
Peter Chittum (

Invited Industry Talk V
Gearing for Exabyte Storage with Hadoop Distributed Filesystem
Edward Bortnikov (Yahoo! Research)

Important Dates

Submission of 1-page abstract
July 1 July 10, 2014
LADIS 2014
October 23-24, 2014